Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A New Journey

Welcome to the new blog!

So many changes in such a short time. Soon I will be moving to the new house and Shiraz is now at her new (and final) barn.

I have let go of a lot which was difficult, but I am excited for the future and what Shiraz and I may accomplish. It seemed fitting to start fresh with a blog designed just for Shiraz.

My plans for her are not laid out in detail in my mind, which is very unlike me. She is young but doing very well with everything we try. The loose plan for this year is to attend the monthly derbies which started last month and continue to October. For the June derby we will be entering starter level which maxes out at 2'3". We will also get to try our first dressage test at this derby.

Shiraz being gorgeous while her new friends chase to say hello.

For now life is consumed with downsizing and packing. Shiraz settled into her new paddock well and seems to get along with her new herd mates. The first ride in the outdoor arena was completely uneventful and she was a relaxed, happy horse (thank goodness!). I might take lessons or perhaps just toodle along and see how things go on my own for a bit.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like there is no need to rush and make progress. Shiraz definitely has much to learn (as do I!) but it all feels achievable with time.

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